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SML ISUZU Products

Why Use SML Commercial Vehicles !

    1. Company Built-up buses having long Life Compare to competitors who use to build at local builder result in short life. No Body repair maintenance for years together.
    1. Mechanical euro III fuel pump & operating system is most economical & easy to maintain
    2. Low RPM high torque Engine has longer Engine life.
    3. Only 2 Grease points, the rest is self sealed results in lesser wear & tear of parts. Compared to competitors.
    4. Aerodynamic body shapes which cuts air drag and improves fuel efficiency comparatively.
    5. Oil Sump capacity 8.5 Liter compare to 13 Liter of other competitor.
    6. Box Type chassis with tubular cross member provide better strength, 3 times more compare to C type chassis of competitors.
    7. Steering with variable gear ratio gives less driver Fatigue, Minimum turning Radius compared to competitors. Easy maneuverability in narrow city lanes.
    8. We are pre treating the structure and the painting is done in the specialized paint booths which result in longer life.
    9. Heavy duty gear box and bigger clutch for longer life,highest life found in proper operations over competitors.
    10. Hydraulic Brakes- much safer, guaranteed more economical in crowded city operations.
    11. Cheaper spare parts.
    12. Trouble free, after sales service by us having more than 90% School & Passenger Buses is the proof of Our Quality of Service.

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