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On 30 Jun 2007,SML has signed a Technical Assistance Agreement with Isuzu Motors Ltd., Japan

From 7th January 2011 Swaraj Mazda Ltd.,has changed its name to SML Isuzu Ltd.

SML Isuzu LTD is thus a fusion of two powerful and well-known brands

Product Range

Presently manufacturing vehicles for goods and passenger applications. Over the years it has built up a wide product portfolio covering regular as well as niche segment needs. SML Vehicles enjoys established network of 180 vehicle dealers, and over 2000 services and spare parts outlets.

Buses: - from 10 Seater to 41 Seater (Company built up buses in ordinary and deluxe category)

Bus Chassis are available in Wheel Base categories of 2515, 2815, 3335, 3940, 4760 mm

Trucks: 3 ton to 8 ton Payload with load body 10 Ft to 21 Ft 4 Tyre (3 to 3.7Tons) and 6 Tyre (4 to 8 tons) payloads

Others: Ambulances, Police Vans, Dual cab pick ups, Dumpers sky lifts Dumper Placers, Delivery Vans Bottle carriers, Luxury buses & many more to suite specific requirements also.   

SML vehicles are capable of running trouble free for more and more mileage. Our vehicles are giving trouble free services in the extreme climate of Kargil, Laddakh to Jaiselmer to the coastal areas of our country.

SML being registered with DGS & D patronage from Indian Armed force, State Police force, Air Force Large travel operators State transport organization and all major Schools of the country due to its unique Aerodynamic styling, integrated structure design, and oven backed painting.

Please Click on the below model names to get more information.

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Model NameWheel BasePay Load/SeatsNos.Of Tyre
Model NameWheel BasePay Load/SeatsNos.Of Tyre
Cosmo 2815 mm 3.1ton LCV truck 4 tyre (size 7.50x16) 
Sartaj 3335 mm 3.57ton LCV truck 4 tyre (Size 8.25x16) 
Ambulance 2515 mm,2815 mm 2 or 4 stretchers 4 tyre (size 7.50x16 14pr) 
Executive Bus 2815mm 13 Push back seats 4 tyre (Size 7.50 x16 14pr) 
Samrat (Air Brake) 3335 mm,3940 mm,4760 mm 7.2 ton MCV truck 6 tyre (size 8.25x16-16PR) 
CNG Truck  2815 mm, 3335 mm, 3940 mm  4 Tyre & 6 Tyre 
Super 12 3940 mm 8 ton MCV truck 6 tyre (size 8.25x20-Front 14/Rear 16PR) 
Super TC 3335 mm, 3940 mm, 4760 mm 6 ton LCV truck 6 tyre (size 7.50x16-16PR) 
ISUZU LT Prestige Bus 5700 mm 40 Push Back Seats 6 tyre (size 11-R22.5-16PR) 
ISUZU NQR Premium Bus 4175 mm 27 High Back Seats 6 tyre (size 7.50x16 16pr) 
Standard Bus 3335mm,3940mm, 4760mm 24 seats,32 seats,41 seats 4 tyre,6 tyre 
Showing 11 items